ALIGNMENT -- between what an organization is,
and does, and the values-based expectations
of its constituencies
--drives COMMITMENT.

Whether commitment leads to customer brand loyalty; employee discretionary effort; business partner "win-win" actions; or any other type of supportive behavior that organizations value...

...It is this very alignment between an organization’s performance and what its constituents expect, that is key to achieving sustained competitive advantage.

Beyond "satisfying” a company’s constituents, a focus on gaining their “commitment” is important to sustaining their feelings of psychological "connectedness" to the enterprise.

Commitment gets the parties past the inevitable "bumps in the road" that can plague any relationship, and motivates them to exhibit supportive behaviors, when the pressure is on to do otherwise.

People's values (such as their beliefs about what fairness and equity look like) influence the expectations they have of others and accordingly, how they view relationships. In practice, values generate the day-to-day standards that people use to calibrate, and hold accountable, the relationships they deem important.

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