A study among employees of an airline to determine readiness for a corporate identity campaign.

This international and domestic carrier sought to dramatically change its image. The study assessed the “match” which existed between what the company intended to say about itself, and the experiences of employees — especially those in customer contact positions (e.g., pilots, flight attendants, airport agents).

      A study for a corporate
identity consultancy to
determine optimal design 
for an airline fleet.

Used projective research techniques to link impact of design, color and logo elements to the airline's overall image and identity.

      A study among the
international employees
of an electronics,
communications and
semi-conductor company.

Located in England, France, Germany and Switzerland, the company sought the best way to transfer corporate image attributes to non-U.S. markets. Predominantly U.S. in its identity, the company desired to position itself as a transnational corporation.

      A large quantitative
employee attitude survey
among one of the best
known manufacturing
conglomerates in Mexico.

The goal was to understand how employees align with the company’s objective of becoming more competitive and successful in securing beneficial relationships with U.S. and European companies. The findings identified parochial attitudes and values among Mexican nationals which were at odds with the identity/image characteristics being sought by management.

      A "branding" study for a
major consumer marketer.

Assessed brand equity, to understand the transfer of image and identity attributes to the company resulting from its branding strategy.