A corporate-wide survey of a major oil company’s employees regarding internal communications and related issues. 

Findings and interpretation showed varying acceptance of messages communicated through formal and informal media. A major finding uncovered key human relations issues impacting employee commitment to the company. Explored the roles of supervisors and middle managers, in terms of their impact on employee attitudes and commitment.

      Communication alignment study for a major gas and electric utility facing new competition resulting from industry deregulation.

The management of this large Midwest utility had developed a series of research-based customer communication themes that they believed could effectively counter thrusts by newly emerging competitors. This study was designed to ensure that employees were aligned with those messages and willing to communicate, and act in concert with, those messages when interacting with customers.

      An in-depth quantitative and qualitative study to determine the quality of internal communications.

Findings linked to the goals of performance management. Results presented to senior managers who began using the survey output and its accompanying consultations as a spring-board for constructive dialogue between management and employees.