Zimney Associates has developed a network of specialists in areas that are critical to the design and conduct of both research and consulting assignments. Our belief is that we obtain the highest quality services by partnering with organizations that are at the leading-edge of their respective technologies:
ArtForms - Graphic design agency, services include all print, promotion, computer presentation graphics and web-design for Zimney Associates.

CIDR Systems - CA data processing facility with leading-edge capabilities in the area of interactive PC-based reporting systems.


Zimney Philadelphia - data management and qualitative analysis center.  Provides a wide range of services in support of large scale survey assignments.


JKW International - based in Minneapolis, provides all translation services for international assignments and/or any other foreign language requirements.


Tyme Direct - NYC direct mail operation, capable of handling large scale survey deployment.


Trident Technologies - Los Angeles-based. A leader in on-line, web-based survey technologies.